Who is the worst person?

Horrifyingly live.


There are no safe spaces at Uncalled Four. There’s no “too soon.”  Comedians write terrible things to answer your questions like “What does Trump’s hair smell like?” or “Dad went out to buy _____ and never came back.” If we pick your suggestion, you run down to the stage to win prizes that our sponsors contributed or we found at a yard sale.

Next show:

5/21, 10PM at The Bug Theater. Competing: Adam Mamawala, Adrian Mesa, Allison Rose, Don Morgan. FREE. A portion of donations benefit ImaginASL. More details.

The Worst People

Jake Browne

Jake Browne


Sam Sandt

Sam Sandt


Zac Maas

Zac Maas

Executive Producer

"Winners: Show of the Year ‘15, Best Themed Show ’14."

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